Join Christine Matturro McLaughlin and her faithful companions Linus and Nellie as they reveal all the best places to "ruff" it in Philadelphia, including day trips beyond the city.

The Dog Lover's Companion to Philadelphia
1st Edition • Christine Matturro McLaughlin • ISBN 1-56691-774-3 • US $17.95

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Linus and Nellie, by way of Christine Matturro McLaughlin

Although Christine Matturro McLaughlin had been writing for magazines and websites for more than a decade, it was her silly yet inquisitive golden retriever, Linus, who made her an author. His goofy personality and love for nature gave her many ideas for her articles, and eventually this book.

Sadly, though, during the course of writing this book, her beloved Linus passed away at the young age of seven. It was a difficult time for McLaughlin and her family. "Who knew you could be so dependent on the peace and comfort you get from a being who says no words . . . until it's gone?" she wondered.

In the meantime, McLaughlin enlisted the help of her equally sweet golden neighbor, Nellie. Similar to Linus, although a bit more refined (no drooling), Nellie is extremely friendly, loves people and other dogs, and enjoys everything that Linus would, so the transition went smoothly.

All in all, this book turned out to be a poignant yet therapeutic way for McLaughlin to honor her favorite dog of all time, Linus, and their favorite places of all time—in and around Philadelphia.

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