Join JoAnna Downey, Christian J. Lau, and their faithful companions George and Inu as they reveal all the best places to "ruff" it in the six New England states.

The Dog Lover's Companion to New England
3rd Edition • JoAnna Downey and Christian J. Lau • ISBN 1-56691-846-4 • ISBN-13 978-1-56691-846-6 • US $22.95

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AUthors Joanna Downey and Christian J. LauGeorge and Inu, by way of JoAnna Downey and Christian J. Lau

George and Inu consider taking care of their respective owners, JoAnna Downey and Chris Lau, to be a very serious, full-time job. It's their duty to wake them up and ensure they get plenty of exercise, see the world in a different way, and make new friends. George and Inu came up with the idea of writing this book as a way to accomplish these tasks with one big swat of the paw.

George is a "cannardly" (which means you can hardly tell what kind of dog he is), but people who insist on more limiting categories claim he must be a bearded collie, a Tibetan terrier, a puli, a Portuguese water dog–in other words, a cannardly. For the most part, George shuns these labels and just considers himself a member of the species Canis familiaris (commonly known as "dog"). While residing at Buddy Dog, an animal shelter, he picked JoAnna out of the multitudes, decided she looked like the perfect meal ticket, and hitched a ride home. When he's not out sniffing trails and conducting research for his newspaper column, George likes to chase squirrels and bark at weird people.

Inu is proud of his heritage and carries his golden retriever lineage with style. Although an enormously social animal, Inu loves the solitude of the Great Outdoors–a taste he developed while living in the Berkshires for the first three years of his life. Then, needing a home and deciding city life would provide the attention he so dearly loves, he traveled to Boston and adopted Chris Lau. Although Inu loves calling the streets of Beacon Hill his own, he still heeds the call of the wild and is ready to travel at a moment's notice. When not out swimming or riding the surf, Inu can be found in the Boston Common working the crowd, looking for free pats, food, and adulation.

JoAnna and Chris have been friends ever since George and Inu introduced them in the Common over 10 years ago. In addition to The Dog Lover's Companion to Boston, they are also the authors of The Dog Lover's Companion to New England and The Dog Lover's Companion to New York City, all published by Avalon Travel Publishing. When they aren't exploring New England with the dogs or disagreeing about the demise of baseball and whether or not the Red Sox will ever win a World Series, JoAnna is a freelance writer and contributing editor to Dog World Magazine and Chris works as a systems analyst and full-time dad to five-year-old Connor.

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