Now in its fourth edition, The Dog Lover's Companion to Boston is better than ever. Authors JoAnna Downey and Christian J. Lau and their furry assistants, George and Inu, show you a “paws-itively” good time as they explore everything from Boston's North Shore and its historic Olde Towne, to Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket.

• Includes all of the top canine-friendly parks, beaches, restaurants, accommodations, and recreation spots in Boston
• Covers pup-friendly movie and music nights, hip cafés, the Boston Common Dog Wash, and holiday-time doggy photographers

The Dog Lover's Companion to Boston
4th Edition • JoAnna Downey & Christian J. Lau • ISBN 1-56691-972-X • US $17.95

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JoAnna Downey and Christian J. Lau

JoAnna and Chris have been friends ever since their dogs George and Inu introduced them in the Common years ago. In addition to this book, they are also the authors of The Dog Lover's Companion to New England and The Dog Lover's Companion to New York City.

George and Inu passed away shortly after the production of this book. They will be missed and remembered very fondly. George was a mix of bearded collie, Tibetan terrier, puli, and Portuguese water dog--in other words, a “cannardly.” While residing at Buddy Dog, an animal shelter, he picked JoAnna out of the multitudes and hitched a ride home. When he wasn't out sniffing trails and conducting research for his newspaper column, George loved to chase squirrels and bark at people.

Inu was proud of his heritage and carried his golden retriever lineage with style. Although an enormously social animal, Inu also loved the solitude of the Great Outdoors - a taste he developed while living in the Berkshires for the first three years of his life. Needing a home and deciding city life would provide the attention he so dearly loved, he traveled to Boston, adopted Chris Lau, and happpily called Beacon Hill his own. When not out swimming or riding the surf, Inu could be found in the Boston Common working the crowd, looking for free pats, food, and adulation.

When JoAnna and Chris aren't exploring New England or discussing baseball in general, and the Red Sox in particular, JoAnna is a freelance writer and contributing editor to Dog Fancy Magazine and Chris works in the financial industry and is a full-time dad to five-year-old Connor.

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